Lev„Národ je veliký jen silou své odvahy, vřelostí své víry a velikostí odhodlání snášeti utrpení a přinášeti oběti budoucnosti. Celá desetiletí čekali Poláci na své vzkříšení, dvacet let čekali Maďaři na svoji revizi. I my musíme čekati. ... Charakter národa nakonec rozhodne o tom, zda ne-li my, tedy naše děti dožijí se nové, lepší svobody a neodvislosti…“

Ladislav Rašín, projev v pomnichovském parlamentu 14. 12. 1938

Richard Weaver: Historian of the South

Battle flag

Around the world, secession and devolution movements abound; even the European Union can at times be heard to acknowledge the desire for devolution. The Confederate Battle Flag, ignorantly condemned by American Jacobins as a symbol of slavery that should be forcibly uprooted wherever it is found, has been seen to fly wherever in the world a people seeks to resist their subordination to unchecked central authority. These are some of the valuable things that Richard Weaver found in Southern civilization, and why we can say, with Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, that "the cause of the South is the cause of us all."

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 1.4.2011 | English | 6384 čtenářů

Kdo zabil Ústavu Spojených států amerických?


A co tohle ukazuje? Že vždy budou existovat lidé, kteří jsou ochotni bránit prezidentské pravomoci neautorizované Ústavou. Pokud se bude jednat o Trumana, budou to historici nalevo. Pokud o Bushe, učenci napravo, jako John Yoo, kerý učí na Berkley a který přišel s těmi všemi odůvodněními, proč je prezident zcela oprávněn dělat vše, co dělá. Není to překvapivé. Takhle to funguje. Pravomoci prezidenta jít do války se dostaly až k bodu, kdy v roce 1999 Bill Clinton bombardoval Srbsko i navzdory Kongresu odmítajícímu podpořit bombardování. Což by se mi zdálo jako pádnější důvod k impeachementu než ty ostatní věci.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 28.1.2011 | Studie | 3419 čtenářů

Rasová segregace a diskriminace před Nejvyšším soudem USA


Ještě bych chtěl na závěr dodat, jak vůbec došlo k tomu, že zaměstnavatelé mají rasové kvóty, když se v zákonu tvrdí, že jsou zakázané. A dokonce se při přijímání Civil Rights Act tvrdilo, že v žádném případě nebude tento zákon znamenat zavedení rasových kvót, ale naopak jejich zákaz. Nu v zásadě je to proto, že jak jinak lze poznat, že zaměstnavatel nějakou skupinu diskriminuje? Pokud zaměstnavatel přímo neběhá v bílém prostěradle a nezapaluje kříže, tak jak jinak poznáte, že odmítá zaměstnávat lidi na základě jejich rasy? Jak jinak, než takovým pochybným způsobem, že se na základě zastoupení jednotlivých menšin v populaci vypočítá, kolik lidí z té které menšiny by zaměstnavatel zaměstnávat měl a pak se kontroluje, jestli jich tolik skutečně zaměstnává? Čili každý takový „antidiskriminační“ systém logicky vede k zavádění kvót.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 26.1.2011 | Studie | 11966 čtenářů

Democracy, the God that Failed. Welfare state destroys family and traditional society


Hoppe's book is tough medicine. It is not another tiresome catalogue of piecemeal reforms, but a stimulating and intellectually exciting interdisciplinary analysis of the present situation of Western civilization. In this regard it is also a useful companion to Pat Buchanan's new book, The Death of the West. Joseph Sobran has expressed great enthusiasm for Hoppe's book, devoting two separate columns to it.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 23.1.2011 | English | 5147 čtenářů

Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence. The Case for States' Rights

Battle flag

The people of one colony owed no allegiance to the government of any other colony, and were not bound by its laws. The colonies had no common legislature, no common treasury, no common military power, no common judicatory. The people of one colony were not liable to pay taxes to any other colony, nor to bear arms in its defence; they had no right to vote in its elections; no influence nor control in its municipal government, no interest in its municipal institutions. There was no prescribed form by which the colonies could act together, for any purpose whatever.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 8.1.2011 | English | 2495 čtenářů

What is State Nullification? How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century

Battle flag

State nullification is the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws. As Jefferson warned, if the federal government is allowed to hold a monopoly on determining the extent of its own powers, we have no right to be surprised when it keeps discovering new ones. If the federal government has the exclusive right to judge the extent of its own powers, it will continue to grow – regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 25.12.2010 | English | 2447 čtenářů

Who Killed the Constitution? Who killed the Articles of Confederation


To hear the Left tell it, the Bush administration is a strange aberration in our history. But bad as the Bush administration is, it is not an aberration, and most of its deformations of the Constitution enjoy bipartisan support. The Democrats have made and will doubtless continue to make equally bold claims for presidential war powers, and Bill Clinton sought measures similar to the Patriot Act in the 1990s.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 18.12.2010 | English | 2882 čtenářů

Post-conciliar political correctness in the Catholic Church


Just as the neoconservatives serve a useful purpose to liberals in the secular world by attacking true conservatives and thereby undermining genuine conservatism, neo-Catholic attacks on traditionalists ensure that the only permissible alternative to aggressive innovation in every area of the Church's life is slightly less aggressive innovation in every area of the Church's life. Arch-liberal Richard McBrien appreciates this function of the neo-Catholics, since he finds that "criticism of the extreme right by moderate conservatives is far more effective than by moderate progressives."

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 12.12.2010 | English | 2753 čtenářů

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Battle flag

One of the issues that no mainstream textbook bothers to discuss is whether an American state possessed the legal right to secede from the Union. That subject is taken up in my chapter on the War Between the States. The book’s treatment of Reconstruction constitutes one of the few non-leftist treatments of the subject in recent memory, defending Johnson’s defiance of the Radical Republicans and exploring the real history of the illegally ratified Fourteenth Amendment.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 28.8.2010 | English | 5339 čtenářů

Why I Am a Catholic Libertarian


But aren't libertarians divided on abortion? Well, yes, but if the polls are any indication, Republicans seem perfectly happy to support candidates who spend half their time trying to figure out where they should stand on the issue that afternoon. As it turns out, the only person with a serious and workable plan for overturning Roe v. Wade right now is Ron Paul, the 1988 Libertarian candidate for president who is currently seeking the Republican presidential nomination. In accordance with Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, Paul's bill would strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over abortion, thereby overturning Roe through a simple majority vote in Congress.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 24.7.2010 | English | 3825 čtenářů

Catholics and Capitalism

Kříž 01

St. Augustine is said to have remarked, "In fide, unitas; in dubiis, libertas; in omnibus, caritas" (in faith, unity; in doubtful matters, liberty; in all things, charity). We are all traditionalists, and the demands of charity urge us not to ascribe base motives or dumb obstinacy to those with whom we disagree on economics. If someone wishes to dismantle much of industrial society, I believe he must address himself to the arguments I have raised here and that I raise in my book, arguments that seem fully in accord with Catholicism as I understand it.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 18.7.2010 | English | 6363 čtenářů

Secede from the Union!


Alexis de Tocqueville, moreover, the great French observer of American affairs, himself wrote that the Union "was formed by the voluntary agreement of the states; and these, in uniting together, have not forfeited their nationality, nor have they been reduced the condition of one and the same people. If one of the states chose to withdraw its name from the contract, it would be difficult to disprove its right to do so."

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 17.7.2010 | English | 2697 čtenářů

The States’ Rights Tradition Nobody Knows

Battle flag

In 1798, the legislatures of Virginia and Kentucky approved resolutions that affirmed the states’ right to resist federal encroachments on their powers. If the federal government has the exclusive right to judge the extent of its own powers, warned the resolutions’ authors (James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, respectively), it will continue to grow – regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power. The Virginia Resolutions spoke of the states’ right to “interpose” between the federal government and the people of the state.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 6.2.2010 | English | 2949 čtenářů

What States Rights Really Mean

Battle flag

It will take a lot more than good scholarly work to reverse the century and a half of political centralization through which the United States has passed, but in the meantime we can use excellent books like this one as a moral rebuke to those who, in defiance of American law and tradition, aid and abet the aggrandizement of the central state.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 26.12.2009 | English | 2802 čtenářů

The Myth of Hitler’s Pope. How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis


Enter Rabbi David Dalin. Rabbi Dalin, who vigorously dissents from the anti-Pius orthodoxy, suggests in his new book The Myth of Hitler’s Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews from the Nazis that the great pontiff in fact deserves to be recognized as a "righteous Gentile" for his efforts to rescue Jews from the fate that awaited them at Nazi hands. "As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pius XII, it would be both historically just and morally appropriate for Yad Vashem to posthumously recognize and honor Pius XII as one of the ‘righteous among the nations.’"

Autor: Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Publikováno: 22.12.2009 | English | 4685 čtenářů

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