A PLEA TO IRISH VOTERS: Say NO to Lisbon Treaty
Autor: Redakce | Publikováno: 09.06.2008 | Rubrika: Video
This self-amending treaty is a treaty to end all treaties. This is our last chance to avoid it! If Ireland votes Yes, there will be no need for any treaty referendums... ever!

Note on the rejected EU Constitution and Lisbon Treaty:

The people of France and the Netherlands rejected the proposed EU constitution in the 2005 referendums. After this, other countries cancelled a promised referendum and the EU Constitution was re-written as an "amending treaty" or a "reform treaty" and named "Treaty of Lisbon".

On the basis of this deceit, they claimed that no referendums are necessary on the Lisbon Treaty. Ireland is constitutionally required to hold a referendum, expected 12 June. All other countries are ratifying the disguised EU Constitution without asking the people.

The Lisbon Treaty establishes a new "European Union" with joint citizenship - an EU "federal" State that is technically and politically empowered to centralize power in Brussels; a European State comprising of 27 nation-states ruled by a triumvirate of European institutions led by the unelected EU Commission, that would serve as the governing body of the Union, and which holds a monopoly on iniating legislation in ever-increasing areas of "competence" (eurospeak for power).

With co-decision powers to block legislation, but never to initiate it, the European Council comprises of representatives of the governments of member states, where unanimity is becoming a thing of the past. This ineffectual co-decision process is shared with the European Parliament, which is the only directly elected institution and the only channel for European citizens to possibly reverse the totalitarian trend and preserve democracy in a free Europe.