Creeping EU Totalitarianism. Plíživá totalita v EU
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Diktátorské metody v europarlamentu...

This is an upgraded version of the follow-up to the manifestations that took place in the European Parliament on 12.12.2007. (First version is here: )

This second version includes:

1. Scenes from the protest of 12.12.2007 (See earlier protest clip here: )

2. Letter from the President of the European Parliament to the Chairman of the Constitutional Affairs Committee asking for more discretionary powers in the House (dated 17.01.2008).

3. Interventions by the following MEPs:

- Nigel Farage (UK), Co-chair, IND/DEM (30.01.2008) - Speaks about the President's disciplinary action on 13 of the 80 protesting MEPs: "I am Spartacus!"

- Jens-Peter Bonde (Denmark), Co-chair, IND/DEM (12.12.2007) - Earlier in the day on 12.12.2007, before the manifestations; speaks about the signing of the Treaty in Lisbon on 13.12.2007.

Afternoon, after the protest:

- Martin Schulz (Germany), Chair, PES (12.12.2007) - Questions Mr Bonde's integrity and compares the protest to Adolf Hitler's shouting strategy in the Weimar Republic.

- Graham Watson (UK), Chair, ALDE (12.12.2007) - Compares protesting MEPs to football hooligans, Soviet communists and Nazis, and calls for their eviction next time.

- Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Germany), Co-Chair, Greens/EFA (12.12.2207) - Calls protesting MEPs idiots, mentally weak and mad.

- Jens-Peter Bonde (Denmark), Co-chair, IND/DEM (12.12.2007) - Responds to criticism and calls for referendum.

- Daniel Hannan (UK), EPP-ED (30.01.2008 & 31.01.2008) - Challenges the leaders to put the treaty to a referendum and half-compares the presidential power grab to the Enabling Act of 1933

- Joseph Daul (France) Chairman, EPP-ED, says he will ask for Mr Hannan's expulsion from the group for his remarks

- Nigel Farage (UK), Co-chair, IND/DEM (07.06.2007 - not 07.07.2007 as depicted on the video) - a few weeks before the conclusion of the Lisbon treaty: no debate, twisting of language - "If you're true democrats then you'd join me in the call to let the people decide their own future; don't foist it upon them!"



Go to and demand for a REFERENDUM in your country on the Lisbon Treaty, the rejected EU Constitution in disguise.

Source of speech clips: European Parliament Audio-Visual Library
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Note on EU Constitution and Lisbon Treaty:

The people of France and the Netherlands rejected the proposed EU constitution in the 2005 referendums. After this, 5 countries that had promised a referendum cancelled it and the EU Constitution was re-written as an "amending treaty" or a "reform treaty" and named "Treaty of Lisbon". On the basis of this deceit, they now maintain that no more referendums are necessary. Only Ireland is holding a referendum. All other countries are ratifying the disguised EU Constitution without asking the people.

The EU Constitution establishes a new "European Union" with joint citizenship - an EU "federal" State that is technically and politically empowered to further centralize power in Brussels; a European State comprising of 27 nation-states ruled by a triumvirate of European institutions led by the unelected EU Commission, which serves as the governing body of the Union. With co-decision powers to block legislation, but never to initiate it, the European Council comprises of representatives of the governments of member states. This ineffectual co-decision process is shared with the European Parliament, which is the only directly elected institution and the only channel for European citizens to possibly reverse the totalitarian trend and preserve freedom and democracy.